Agile Across Oceans

Last Wednesday, the Cleveland Council on World Affairs brought business development and entrepreneurial leaders from Cameroon, Gabon, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone to the LeanDog boat to see what we do. Nick Barendt, LeanDog’s Chief Development Officer, took the group on a tour of the office and studio, explaining how LeanDog makes use of Lean and Agile processes not only to build amazing software, but also run a dynamic, adaptable business in an environment that is constantly evolving and innovating.  While they were on board, they also got a lesson from Studio developer Gary on our how our 3D printer works, and the types of things we like to make with it. Katie Ferman, CCWA’s International Visitors Program Officer, remarked that “their visit to LeanDog was probably the single most interesting – and definitely the most visually engaging – session for our visitors during their time in Cleveland.”

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