Moving to the Boat

After nine months of waiting on boat renovations, the LeanDog team bid a fond farewell to the Hanger office, and said hello to the Kearsarge, one of Cleveland’s most recognizable landmarks.

The LeanDog team turned out in full-force on Halloweekend to unpack the office on the newly renovated boat, which is also home to advertising agency Arras Keathley.

Otis hanging out on the LeanDog Boat

Powered by donuts and coffee, LeanDog unpacked two floors of pure productivity in six hours, ready to roll on the very next day.

Not long after the team settled in, super storm Sandy paid Cleveland a visit, twisting the boat’s gangplanks, destroying all of the wireless equipment, and breaking the water and sewer lines.

24 hours later, it was time to adapt. A crane took care of the old gangplank (while another was built in its place), sewer and gas repairs began, and after a lot of “crawling around” the roof of Burke Lakefront Airport, Eric Hankinson, Bill Holmes and Matt O’Donnell restored Internet to the boat. Now the LeanDog and AKA teams are back to rocking the boat!

Stop by for a visit and see why the LeanDog has the best seat in town!


Hurricane Sandy mishap at the LeanDog Boat

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 10.14.08 AM

Great View from the LeanDog Boat




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